BSAI Techno Sales

BSAI Techno Sales is an IT company specialized in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Customer Analytics, Market Analytics, Social Listening, Big Data Analytics Services and more. BSAI Techno Sales can help you in providing consultation regarding selecting of correct hardware and software based on your requirement, data warehouse modeling and implementation, big data implementation, data processing using Apache Spark or ETL tool, building data analysis in the form of reports dashboards with other features like data security, alerting and notification etc. BSAI Techno Sales can use open source tool leading to low cost of ownership or your favorite proprietary tool to build the solution that you are looking for.

We help  Enterprises World-wide unlock the potential hidden in their data by providing Actionable Information & Business Insights in form of Interactive Visualizations, Dashboards, Reports, & Analytics Models. Our Expert Team of Data Analysts and Data Scientists works closely with customers to achieve their end-goals and to ensure a successful implementation of a data-driven business strategy.

What We Stand For

BSAI Techno Sales is driven by values that underpin everything we do. Here’s what we stand for.

  • Earn Respect: We strive to earn respect from every interaction and from every stakeholder of the company.  Respect, ethics, and integrity underscore our solution and people practices.
  • Intelligence: We compete for the smartest analysts on the market, and apply our best analytical work to every project.
  • Outcomes: We deliver measurable value with a high ROI, proven through case studies.
  • Relationships: Data can be cold, but we offer personalized, responsive service with a door-always-open policy.
  • Transparency: We want customers to understand our process every step of the way. What’s more, we want them to understand their data as well as we do. That’s why we’re experts at data visualization, to make the opaque transparent.
  • Big Vision: We’re driven to create a world-class company leveraging India’s renowned talent. But we don’t measure our success in growth alone. Doing business ethically and creating an enviable work environment is just as important.

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