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AUTOLIFE – The one stop place for everything automobile in Nepal.

Available as Magazine, Utility App (iOS & Android) & Web

Autolife started out as the only English automobile magazine offering readers an insight in the world of Nepalese and International automobile industry. Delivering exceptional and compelling auto related content along with an in-depth knowledge of the local market, Autolife has a wide variety of readers from the auto community as well as corporate sector and business houses, entrepreneurs, banks, travel, expats, foreigners and INGOs. Within a short span of time, Autolife has become one of the most read and appreciated magazines by readers from all sectors.

With a completely new and game-changing expansion to a bigger network, Autolife introduced  the “Autolife App”(available in both iOS and Android) as well as web. This app will facilitate the automobile industry and its enthusiasts with all the necessary information that is required. With the help of Auolife App, every individual will be connected to the auto industry and its news in a single click.