Nectar Digit

Nectar digit is Kathmandu (Kupondole) based IT founded by Amrit Sparsha on 2018. We’re a team of dedicated professionals who provide technical support. We are working with clients to visualize and create user friendly applications using latest technologies and technique. Nectar digit is devoted to provide services in the blink of an eye for the client on demand and on time. Nectar Digit through its alliances is able to attain goals and objectives which one company cannot achieve alone. These are based on a win-win mindset, mutual trust, commitment and the sharing of risks and rewards to benefit customers directly.

We have plan documentation sample ready for managing teams and various aspects of software development. Our development process involves planning and documenting specifically for each project aspect such as: Development Infrastructure & environment setup; Development methodologies, Project team set-up and resource ramp up, Resource management and attrition planning, Delivery management, Software configuration management, Quality management, Performance management, Metrics collection, Analysis & reporting. Nectar is loyal to client happiness so we care about who we work for and the quality of work we deliver. We believe “Our Customers Connect with Us”.


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